Electric vehicle charging station with e-Fusion and Gireve logos

e-Fusion Partners with Gireve for seamless EV charging across Europe

New EV charging Europe partnership: e-Fusion, a French e-mobility operator, partners with Gireve to to allow its subscribers to charge their vehicles at 100% of charging stations through its mobile application.

As an eMSP (e-Mobility Service Provider), e-Fusion provides a mobile app. It comes with a virtual card granting access to charging stations via NFC technology. It ensures compatibility with 97% of installed charging stations in Europe. Users can access a range of services, including booking, pricing details and power levels of charging stations available on the map. e-Fusion also offers automated payments, making it easy for drivers to pay for their charging sessions, with billing at the end of the month.

EV Charging Europe Partnership between e-Fusion and Gireve: Toward Access to All European Charging Stations

The startup was launched in March 2022. It quickly decided to join forces with Gireve’s roaming platform and its marketplace for charging operators. Through a single connection, e-Fusion can access over 900 charging networks across Europe. The startup can thus allow its users to charge at the 370,000 connected charging stations on the platform. e-Fusion has developed its own monitoring system and aims for comprehensive coverage in France and Europe. That’s why the company is working on an “Airbnb charging” solution. This means that users could offer the reservation of their personal charging stations through the app.

“e-Fusion is committed to making life easier for all EV drivers. This partnership is a first step in simplifying access to charging infrastructure, and we plan to go further by allowing anyone, whether a professional or individual, to open their own charging stations to the public.”

Ernest Boadi, CEO, e-Fusion

“e-Fusion’s projects are promising. We are delighted to have them as a partner to work together on improving the experience of electric vehicle users.”

Thibault Lemierre, Business Development Manager, Gireve

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