Easygo.Ie Partners With Gireve Roaming Platform As Emsp

E-mobility operator EasyGo.ie has further developed its relationship with GIREVE to become a full eMSP (e-Mobility Services Provider). With this partnership, EasyGo.ie can offer its EV driver subscribers a larger charging network.

EasyGo.ie App subscribers can now charge on ESB eCars and IONITY chargers, as the networks are already connected to GIREVE and signed roaming agreements with EasyGo.ie. The EasyGo.ie App is also now showing live status of chargers from ESB eCars and IONITY as well, of course, as the status of all chargers on the EasyGo network.

EasyGo.ie originally partnered with GIREVE as a CPO (Charge Point Operator) in 2019 and the decision to become an eMSP represents a significant step forward in the developing relation between EasyGo.ie and GIREVE.

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