A pioneer in the electromobility sector, GIREVE collects, cleans and analyses static and dynamic data on the location and use of charging stations

Data and decision-making

Data management and decision engineering have become key strategic issues on a global scale, in all industries. Collecting reliable, exhaustive and relevant data remains fundamental but is not enough. To make decisions for their development strategies, companies need detailed analysis and interpretation of the results.  

Thanks to the strong growth observed in the electromobility market in 2021, the amount of data collected is growing exponentially and it is now possible to detect, analyze and predict market trends. A good use of data will undoubtedly be a key success factor for electric mobility players in the years to come. 

A pioneer in the electromobility sector, GIREVE has been collecting, cleaning and analyzing static and dynamic data on the location and use of charging stations for almost 10 years and now adds numerous demographic and environmental data to guide its clients in their decision-making. In France, GIREVE collaborates with AVERE and the Ministry of Ecological Transition to develop the national barometer of charging infrastructures. 

Our consulting services developed in 2019 are based on in-depth data analysis to help public and private players in their charging station deployment plans (DEPLOY! offer), in their objectives to conquer new markets (EXPAND! offer) and more broadly on their development strategy issues. 

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