EVSE Masterplan
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Data Visualisation dashboards
Deployment plan
Scenarios in the EV market

Our client's request: make a deployment plan

Discover Gireve's case study (client is anonymous) on deployment plan

Our client (anonymous) came to our consulting team for a complete analysis of the EV market in his territory. He needed an overview of the current e-mobility context. He wanted to understand present and future needs to make a charging infrastructure deployment plan.

A full report supporting decision-making processes

To carry out this project, we relied on our internal resources, which includes static and dynamic data on EVSE in Europe (location, technical characteristics, usage, sessions …). We also used a set of external data cleaned and analyzed (socio-professional data, registration data …). After processing the data and analysing it, our team was able to produce a relevant diagnosis of the current situation and anticipate future needs. 

Gireve produced data visualisation dashboards to give a clear and detailed overview of EVSE development in the territory, with insights on usage and needs. The deployment plan was designed to help our client in his decision-making process and to offer him a good understanding of the available options. Finally, we developed different scenarios on the evolution of the market of electrified vehicles. Those scenarios showed how would needs evolve and how the charging infrastructure installation decision would impact the market in the next 5 to 10 years.

Client's objective and needs

State of the art

Analysis of the charging points open to the public on a land or a territory. Detailed report of the number, the type of power delivered, their geographical distribution, their use and user behaviour, but also activity peaks and seasonality

Evaluation of the needs

Definition of the evolution of the electrified car fleet, analysis of the need for charging points according to the population (density, socio-professional category…), location and habits of the users and the need to charge outside home (commuting to and from work, percentage of the population with a garage or parking lot, car fleet, etc.)

Strategic recommendation

Detailed and quantified scenarios on the next 5 to 10 years. Definition of charging point objectives, their location and technical characteristics, creation of an action plan

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