Support in selecting a backend provider (CPO)

Brief training
Key indicators per backend
Recommendation topics

Support in the choice of a backend provider

Support in choosing a technical supervisor

Our client wants to launch a CPO activity and needs to supervise his charging network. But he doesn’t want to develop his own platform, so he needs to choose a backend provider who will do it for him.

A quality support in the context of the launch of a CPO activity

We relied on our internal resources including static and dynamic data on EVSE in Europe (location, usage, availability …). In addition, our operational team brought in its expertise and experience. We were able to produce descriptive sheets of different backend providers with both qualitative and quantitative information. The information was customized to meet our client’s needs.

As part of our work, a short training course was created by our team to understand the different versions of both OCPP and roaming communication protocols as well as technical explanations of the functionality offered by some backend providers. We also defined key indicators to describe in detail the different players and make it possible to compare their features. These indicators are both qualitative and quantitative. In addition, we also gave him recommendations to help him through his contractualisation with the backend provider.

Client's objective and needs

Quantitative evaluation

Size of the players in terms of infrastructures and networks. Distribution by power category

Qualitative evaluation

Operational feedback from backend providers' customers. Communication protocols supported. Key features supported.


Feedback from the operational team working with operators on a daily basis. Guidance in the management of a backend provider.

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