Targeted predictive study

Sites studied

A creation of a predictive model

Targeted predictive study to refine the design of a predictive model

Our client has developed a predictive model of user traffic and usage behavior as part of a market study with a limited scope. In this perspective, he wants to refine the design of his tool with Gireve’s data expertise, and get support from our team for his development.

A collaboration to create a predictive model

Gireve’s team relied on its internal resources including static and dynamic data on EVSE in Europe (location, usage, availability …). We enriched our data with external sources that we cleaned and analyzed (demographic, meteorological data …). In the end, our team was able to produce a dedicated analysis relevant to the project.

Client's objectives and needs

Creation of a database

Evaluation of the scope of application, creation of a customised database to fit the context

Production of key indicators

Presentation of the key indicators based on our database and with a defined granularity

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