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Conducting a pricing analysis in Europe

Pricing analysis (eMSP) in Europe

EDF, our client wishes to learn more about the market of electric charging in Europe. This pricing analysis aims at defining the trends of user pricing outside of France, to anticipate future evolutions.

A complete analysis to provide knowledge on the market

The mission was carried out with the help of Gireve’s internal resources including static and dynamic data on EVSE in Europe (location, usage, availability …) but also with external data such as user tariffs (B2C) in Europe. In addition, interviews with external actors were conducted in order to have the local context of each of the studied countries as well as the trends on user pricing.

Our team has studied general trends across Europe in markets that have made very different choices regarding the management of recharging infrastructures. The markets studied were varied in terms of maturity and size. In addition, we analyzed the dataviz by country to understand the market through general indicators on infrastructure equipment. We also provided a state of the art of user charging. Our team conducted interviews with local players to get the closest view of the different European markets studied.

Client's objective and needs

Data processing

Use of the Gireve database to create indicators. Addition of external databases by crossing them with Gireve data

Data analysis

Creation of relevant indicators to meet the client's needs

Privileged contacts in Europe

Interviews with local experts on the different markets studied

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