Collaboration To Improve Ev Charging Information

GIREVE and G2mobility announced the implementation of new features to enhance the experience of charge for eV drivers. A partner of GIREVE since 2015, G2mobility manages several networks of charging infrastructures in France. EV drivers can charge there with a single subscription to an e-mobility provider.

For Bruno Lebrun, GIREVE’s CEO, this new step illustrates GIREVE’s ability to help operators innovate to the benefit of end users.

“We are very happy with those new features, as they answer our objective to improve user experience in an open market of e-mobility services” Bruno Lebrun, CEO of GIREVE

Both companies decided to improve user experience so that an EV driver can get most accurate information possible of their charging.

“Thanks to G2smart, a managing platform of G2mobility, we can offer new features to mobility operators that are connected to GIREVE” Pierre Clasquin, CEO of G2mobility


GIREVE is an integrated platform offering innovative services that enable mobility operators to easily build partnerships. GIREVE provides and develops the link that enables true electric mobility roaming by acting as an interface between a diversity of dissimilar systems.
Charging point operators achieve the high profile needed to ensure the profitability of their facilities, and e-mobliity service providers enhance their service offering to drivers. Its goal is to provide competitive electric mobility that benefits everyone.

About G2mobility

G2mobility is a subsidiary of Total group and the French leader of smart charging. The company conceives, creates and implements solutions that include setting up charging point that are adapted to different environments, managing charging through its SaaS software G2smart and locally managing charging points with its G2box that is integrated in the charging point or nearby.

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