Allego And Gireve Open 12,000 Charging Points

Allego and  GIREVE have signed a partnership to give  GIREVE customers access to the Allego charging infrastructure, making Allego’s extensive charge point network even more accessible to EV drivers throughout Europe. By using GIREVE’s Connect Place, Allego can now offer E-Mobility Service Providers (EMPs) access to its network.

“We believe that ground breaking partnerships like the one we are implementing with GIREVE will serve to improve Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure, enhance the EV driver user experience, further accelerating EV adoption and expand Allego’s market position. It is a significant step in easing to the transition towards e-mobility and a cleaner, greener more sustainable future”, comments Anja van Niersen, CEO Allego.

Allego chose OCPI (Open Charge Point Interface) as the technical protocol to connect with GIREVE. Both companies share the common goal to increase cross border mobility and enable the creation of an interoperable charging network accessible anywhere at any time. This is essential to the roll-out of electric mobility in Europe, as well as creating a single market for EV drivers and services based on quality and reliability.

With a network of more than 12,000 AC and rapid charging points deployed in Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and the UK, Allego is one of the European leading provider of charging solutions. In summer 2018 Allego opened its first High-Power Chargers with liquid cooled charging cables (350 kW) – part of the European MEGA-E (Metropolitan Greater Areas Electrified) Project which involves the installation of 322 ultra-fast chargers and 39 multi-modal charging hubs in at least ten European metropolitan areas.

To Bruno Lebrun, CEO of GIREVE, “GIREVE wants to become a long-term partner of e-mobility and charging point operators in Europe, by offering them connectivity services and collaboration tools that will usefully help them provide EV drivers with e-mobility services.”

About Allego
Allego is a leading European operator of charging solutions for electric vehicles with significant expertise in e-mobility, including the creation of a network of multi-standard quick charging stations in Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and the UK. Allego works successfully with different e roaming platforms like Hubject, GIREVE or eClearing to guarantee a cross-national e charging network. Allego collaborates with partners from various industries in the planning, construction and operation of charging stations. The company operates over 12.000 charging points in urban areas and along the main European transport routes, supporting companies and drivers of electric vehicles via a cloud-based service platform. This platform contains the entire portfolio of practical services, such as billing, active monitoring, mobile apps, website portals and analytics. With the charging solutions of Allego companies can also offer their customers, employees and visitors worldwide e-charging facilities under their own brand.
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To support the rapid growth of electric mobility, GIREVE brings industry operators together: charging point operators, car manufacturers, energy suppliers, public institutions. GIREVE is an integrated platform offering innovative services that enable mobility operators to easily build partnerships. GIREVE provides and develops the link that enables true electric mobility roaming by acting as an interface between a diversity of dissimilar systems. Roaming between electric mobility operators makes life easier for electric vehicle drivers and maximizes the use of charging point networks. That’s the core business of GIREVE, and it’s delivered through three key areas of expertise: a database of charging points for electric vehicles, a market place for roaming agreements between operators and a technical hub to ensure real-time exchanges between operators. Charging point operators achieve the high profile needed to ensure the profitability of their facilities, and e-mobility service providers enhance their service offering to drivers. Its goal is to provide competitive electric mobility that benefits everyone.
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