France EV Charging Points: 120,000 in Feb 2024 according to the charging infrastructure barometer by AVERE France and the Ministry of Ecological transition, based on data by Gireve

120,354 charging points in France – February 2024

As of January 31, 2024, France had 120,354 publicly accessible charging points, reflecting a year-over-year increase of +41%. This barometer is compiled by Avere-France and the Ministry of Energy Transition based on Gireve’s data.

2024 starts with the installation of 2,336 new charging points, leading the infrastructure in France to a total of 120,345 charging points open to the public. The monthly average growth is similar to the monthly average of 2022 and 2023. At the current pace, the year could end with the achievement of the 150,000 charging points milestone, which is a third of the government’s target of 400,000 by 2030. Fast charging continues to carve out a share of this network. While it represented only 9% of installations in January 2022, it reaches 17% two years later, including 8% of ultra-fast charging stations (compared to 2% in January 2022). Regarding charging point deployment location, it will be interesting to see how networks will deploy in parking lots, shops, and businesses in 2024. Indeed, this is the last year before the introduction of the obligation to equip parking lots with 5% of non-residential buildings with more than 20 spaces.

Clément Molizon, General Delegate of Avere-France

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