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Gireve’s Product Sheet: our Plug and Charge services

To simplify EV charging and secure all transactions, we have developed our “Plug and Charge” solution in partnership with Thales.

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By combining our intermediation services with Thales’ cybersecurity technology, we have been developing a range of tools and services to support CPO, eMSP and OEM. They can get compatible with Plug and Charge easily and develop their solutions to improve the experience of all EV market players while guaranteeing the highest level of security. 

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What you will find in our Plug and Charge product sheet

Project management and expertise

What are the different steps to develop Plug and Charge on your IT systems? How can you make yourself compatible and how long does it take? We support you and advise you throughout the implementation and follow-up of the project. 

Pools, certificates, root CA

We have developed tailored services based on several types of profiles. Whether OEM, CPO or eMSP, you can create your certificates and set them up in your systems using our solution. We allow you to make them accessible thanks to our pool management services. You can find all details of our services on our product sheet. 

Roaming services

You can offer Plug and Charge services to all EV drivers, even in roaming situations. Our digital platform for roaming of EV charging is compatible with Plug and Charge.

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