Stations-e and Gireve partner to offer Plug & Charge services to EV drivers

Charging without a card will soon be possible for Stations-e subscribers! Last November, the eMSP took part in a demonstration of Plug & Charge services interoperability. The company used Gireve as its Plug & Charge services provider.

The demonstration showed that an EV driver could activate Plug & Charge no matter the EV, no matter the charging point, with his Stations-e charging solution.

Stations-e is a major, fast-growing and innovative player in the emobility ecosystem. We are very enthusiastic for their choice of our Trust services for this demo.

Thomas Fousse, IT Build manager, Gireve

stations e app registration to activate Plug & Charge

In the scenario developed in the demonstration, a car owner using the station-e charging solution started a charging session on a charging point in Germany. The EV driver just had to activate Plug and Charge on the website and start the session seamlessly.

During the presentation, Gireve’s expert Thomas Fousse explained the process beneath the Plug & Charge activation. Gireve got the EV driver’s e-mobility account ID and vehicle ID from the eMSP and created the Contract Certificate. To enable Plug &Charge, Gireve created the bundle and signed it with the different stakeholders in the process. In this use case, Stations-e activated Plug&Charge from the eMSP point of view. The eMSP used Gireve’s PCP, bundle signing and CCP services.

We used Gireve’s services to demonstrate our eMSP solution compliance in a multi-PKI ecosystem. Stations-e R&D and Gireve teams worked together to make the process straightforward: the end driver can add Plug & Charge capabilities to his/her account with only a few clicks. Gireve created the Contract Certificate and the bundle, stored it in its Contract Certificate Pool and provided services for installation in the car. This solution will simplify public EV charging and foster a broad adoption of Plug and Charge.

François Ribiere, CTO, Stations-e

The two partners will keep on working together to develop Plug & Charge. They aim at releasing the product to Stations-e’s subscribers in the near future.

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