Local authorities and public institutions: foster sustainable mobility on your territory

gireve offers roaming services and project support for local authorities and public players

Communes, syndicates, cities, town councils: let's build a sustainable ecosystem together

Since our creation, we have maintained a direct link with each player in the ecosystem and we allow and secure their exchanges in real time. . We cross-reference this data with other sources and enrich it with our expertise, to shed light on mobility use cases and build predictive models on tomorrow’s behaviours.
Thanks to our acute knowledge of mobility and its evolutions, we offer you custom services to accelerate your activity and foster the transformation of the whole industry.

Interoperability, an opportunity for your business?

Webinar #3 Is roaming an opportunity for public and private owners?
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Open charging services: the role of public authorities

Download Gireve's position paper on public charging

Our services for public authorities

Connection to our technical platform, access to the marketplace for European operators, clearing services

Report of data consumption, connection to our platform for interoperability, custom training

Assessment report of e-mobility on your territory, prospective analysis and recommendations for your future deployments

You are a local authority, start today!