Are you thinking about getting connected to GIREVE? Do you need more information on our protocols and on the connection process? This page will provide you with information you need to know before joining our roaming  platform. Each document gives you insight on GIREVE’s platform features and processes.

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eMIP Protocol Description


  • Remove “ownerOperator – GireveId” (1271) and “ownerOperator – eMI3Id” (1272) in EVCI data description
  • Add “ownerOperator name” (1273) in EVCI data description
  • Add “EVSE electric current type” (3063) in EVCI data description
  • Update ConnectorType list
  • “MaxAmperageValue” becomes a value instead of a LOV. (See 7.18 MaxAmperageValue)

Improvements :

  • ConnectorType field added in ToIOP_SetChargeDetailRecord
  • LOV ConnectorTypeFootprint added
  • New request status added in ToIOP_SetServiceAuthorisation
  • AuthenticationModeValue updated

Application of the new GIREVE graphic style

Formal corrections

Improvements :

  • Update ConnectorType list
  • Update EVCI data list


  • Update MeterTypeId list
  • Add ISO Currency reference
  • Update Amperage list
  • Update requestStatus returned

Formal corrections

  • Integration of Booking webservices
  • Integration of Clearing webservices

Formal corrections

  • Update MeterIdType list
  • Update requestStatus returned


  • EVCI data completion
  • Integration of ConnectorMode data type
  • Integration of MaxVoltageValue data type


  • Update SessionEventNature list
  • Update meterTypeId list
  • Update requestStatus supported by IOP

eMIP Implementation Guide

eMIP Certification Procedure


OCPI Protocol Description

OCPI Implementation Guide

New features:

  • CPOs can send signedData in CDRs (German calibration law “Eichrecht”)
  • Tariffs module improvement for CPOs and eMSPs

New features:

  • New OCPI flow for CPOs to get a Token by uid
  • Add reception of signedData by eMSPs in CDRs (German calibration law “Eichrecht”)


  • Update of OCPI Github links
  • Add information about RFID tag format

New features:

  • Tariffs module for CPOs and eMSPs
  • Usage of new headers to retrieve Locations of a unique CPO or Tokens of a unique eMSP


  • Edit of graphic design
  • Store and forward mechanism explained
  • Removal of Token.WhiteListType suggestion

OCPI Certification Procedure


BOOST! and OPEN! contractual documentation

Subscription Agreement

Subscription Agreement Appendix

GIREVE’s Identification Form:

Company information, contact details

Service Level : Availability of services, response time, support

Protection of Personal Data

Description of processes, security, storage of data

Technical and organizational measures / security concept and sub processors

Measures to ensure confidentiality, availability and resilience

Roaming Agreement template