Gireve a développé une nouvelle formation pour les acteurs de la mobilité électrique, pour les aider à obtenir la subvention Advenir.

New training on French grant Advenir

Advenir, the main electromobility grant program in France, is managed by AVERE, the French association for emobility development. The program is extended until 2025 with an additional funding of 200 million. Its last goal is to support the implementation of 65,000 charging points, of which 22,500 open to the public.

GIREVE collaborates with this program by providing interoperability services and ensuring data transmission to Advenir. Depending on the project’s characteristics, both services can be either mandatory or optional. For instance, charging points installed on the street must be interoperable and specific information on each charging sessions must be sent to Advenir.

GIREVE just launched a series of trainings to support all players of the electromobility ecosystem. Two of those trainings tackle Advenir:

  • Report your consumption data to Advenir: there are several ways to share data with Advenir, get to know them to be sure you meet all the requirements to receive the grant!
  • Grants in France: don’t miss any applicable subsidies or deadline to your project.


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