Gireve est partenaire d'Advenir depuis sa création en 2016 pour la collecte des données et l'interopérabilité des bornes de recharge.

Gireve and Advenir renew their partnership

The Advenir program is led by the Avere-France, an national association for the development of electric mobility. Last May, 2022, the subsidy program has been renewed for a 3-year period with a 200 million euro budget and new objectives. Gireve and Advenir’s partnership was renewed as well.

Gireve can help you comply with Advenir's requirements

Read more on Advenir’s website (in French)

Gireve’s data report and roaming services in partnership with Advenir

Advenir and Gireve started their partnership in 2016 for data report and interoperability of charging stations. The interoperability of charging stations aims at allowing roaming on all public stations, to simplify the charging experience of EV drivers. Depending on the charging point installation project, both services can be either optional or mandatory to get Advenir’s grant. For instance, on-street stations with more than 2 charging points should be interoperable and report their consumption data to Advenir. You can read more our dedicated page.

New service for assistance and training

To support players in their grant request, we developed this year a technical assistance module and a training on available subsidies for e-mobility players. In this training, data report via Advenir is explained as well as data report with our interoperability platform.

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