Gireve and Ulys: A successful partnership for electric charging

charging stations connected in France
operators connected on the Ulys application

Objective: to charge on almost all charging stations in France

To enable the widespread adoption of electric vehicles, Ulys and Gireve together offer a seamless charging experience.

Toll payment, electric charging, parking: the Ulys Electric pass enables all-in-one mobility

Ulys has developed Ulys Electric, a pass and an application. These enable users to easily find available and nearby charging stations and parking spaces. Ulys thus offers electric vehicle drivers an all-in-one service and simplified access to its network of fast charging stations on highways.

About Ulys :

Ulys is the payment solution for car travel: a single, commitment-free account to simplify and pay for tolls, parking, and electric charging on all roads in France. Ulys also offers an application that caters to travelers’ needs before, during, and after their journeys. It provides real-time information on traffic, fuel prices, restaurants, and charging stations along each route.

Ulys joins Gireve to enhance its charging offer

Since 2021, Ulys has been connected to the Gireve roaming platform, as an electric mobility service provider (eMSP). Through this collaboration, the application locates all available charging points in proximity along a given route. Its also provides details about the charging stations. Currently, Ulys is connected to over 70,000 charging points in France. The company offers drivers the convenience of paying for charging directly through the application, ensuring a seamless experience.

Market Place

We provide online access to our marketplace for mobility operators and charging operators. We enable them to view all available networks through Gireve, negotiate and sign their roaming agreements, track charging sessions, and manage their billing.

EV roaming

We establish a technical connection a an open eMIP or OCPI protocol, which meets high service requirements to carry out charging transactions as quickly as possible. We enable operators to view the real-time status of their partners' connections.

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