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Powerful inductors drive electric mobility, at a European as well as a national level. The EU plans to reduce gas emissions by 90% in the transport industry before 2050, which implies a massive adoption of EV and a large-scale deployment of charging infrastructure as well according to the ECA.

Thanks to the fast growth of the market, the number of data is increasing and we can now analyse and predict future trends of e-mobility. With a 10-year experience of data gathering in e-mobility, we can now provide operators with deployment plan recommendations and predictive analysis to accelerate their business and make strategic decisions.

What you will find in our Consulting services brochure

Consulting services to support your business

Do you need support in your EVSE deployment plan? Do you need insights to develop your EV business? We can give you advice and make custom recommendations to meet your needs.

Value creation services

Are you looking for digital solutions to improve your business? We can create a dedicated platform and solve your technical issues with digital tools.

Strategy & studies

If you want to enter new markets or if you need specific information on e-mobility usage in Europe, you can ask for a dedicated report from our team of experts. We are also offering a range of training courses to grow your team’s knowledge.

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