ChargeAngels joined Gireve's roaming platform for electric vehicle mobility.

ChargeAngels joins Gireve to expand its services in Europe

ChargeAngels is a monitoring application that optimizes fleet recharging in companies or parking lots. The company, founded by Gérard Seiler, has chosen Gireve as a partner to extend its network.

ChargeAngels offers a system for optimizing charging, by supervising the charging stations in real time. The objective is to dynamically distribute the charging power per connector according to the maximum power available. It also aims at maximizing the efficiency of the charging stations by rotating the vehicles. To achieve this, the application notifies users in real time at the end of their charge. Then, users can release the terminal once the charge is complete. It is one of the only open source and multi-cloud supervision systems, integrated with dozens of brands of charging stations. The company is constantly working on the integration of new protocols (OCPI2.2.1 / OCPP2.0.1), Plug&Charge and ISO15118.

Roaming will simplify the user experience and accelerate the market penetration of electric vehicles.

Gérald SEILER – Founder of ChargeAngels

ChargeAngels already aggregates thousands of charge points worldwide. Their Cloud allows to connect to 1 million charge points, thanks to the optimization of computing resources. The company also offers “IRVE P4 Expert” training, project management, charging point certification and consulting.

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ChargeAngels develops dashboards to optimise charging of a fleet of EVs or for individuals.

ChargeAngels joins Gireve’s platform for EV roaming

By joining Gireve’s digital platform, ChargeAngels will be able to develop its solution throughout Europe via a unique connection in OCPI. This partnership was set up at the beginning of September 2022. It enables users to more easily find a free place to charge their vehicle using their app or their usual badge.

We are delighted to be working with ChargeAngels, with whom we share the same goals of making charging easier for drivers, optimizing the use of charging stations and, most importantly, creating solutions that promote charging flexibility to balance the grid

Mireia Delgado, Business Dev. Senior Manager at Gireve

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