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Position paper: EV charging and MaaS

New mobilities and new types of transportation develop. We look at how they interact to give users the best experience. This is why we focus on MaaS and EV Charging, and how the first can integrate the last.

MaaS is a key tool for tomorrow’s transportation

To facilitate the user’s experience and develop new forms of mobility, many multimodal services are appearing. They offer to book a trip involving different modes of transport via a single platform. This type of digital system is referred to as MaaS (Mobility as a Service) It is a growing type of offer, and we think at Gireve that it will grow further in the years to come.

EV Charging should be integrated in the offer

The electric vehicle is the subject of much reflection on possible developments and integration into multimodal services. So is the recharging infrastructure that is developing in parallel. MaaS can take EV charging into account in several ways. Learn how in our position paper.

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