Gireve and Mobileese offer a quality sheet summarizing the quantitative and qualitative elements of public charging point networks.

Gireve and Mobileese partner to independently assess the quality of publicly accessible charging station networks

Inspired by indicators in real estate or nutrition, Gireve and Mobileese have developed a new product for e-mobility. It is a quality sheet that gathers the quantitative and qualitative elements of a publicly accessible charging point network.

EV driver charging on a station with a Driveco pass

Paris, February 8, 2023 – To assist public charging network providers in obtaining reliable indicators at any given time, Mobileese, an electric mobility consultancy, and Gireve, the first B2B platform dedicated to electric mobility, have teamed up to develop a new, evolving, and innovative tool in the form of a quality report. DRIVECO, a major player in electric mobility in France, is among the first companies to benefit from this tool and the expertise of these two well-recognized companies in the industry.

Indicators for the benefit of electric mobility

Until now, the assessment of the quality of charging networks was based on individual experiences, which are key but isolated. With this in mind, Mobileese and Gireve have launched their quality report. It provides an overview of both quantitative and qualitative features of a network. For instance, the report displays the availability rate and the number of failed charging sessions, the obsolescence rate and the age of the charging points, or trends in network evolution. With these indicators, the reports offers a technical and operational analysis with recommendations and an overall rating of the network.

This quality report allows network operators and their contractors to improve the quality of their charging services for EV users.

DRIVECO, a positive first experience

Sample of Gireve and Mobileese quality report for Driveco
A sample of the quality report created for Driveco

A quality report was delivered to Driveco in December 2022. The results of the report reveal that the charging operator received an overall score of 4.5/5. And the network cover 2,000 publicly accessible charging points across France.

The results also show that the Driveco network now has 100% interoperable charging points. Indeed, the obsolescence rate of the charging points is very low. All of its charging points from 0 to 6 years old have the same level of efficiency, regardless of their age. The average availability rate of the charging points is higher than 98%. This means that it is a very reliable network for its users. From a qualitative point of view, the DRIVECO network offers total transparency. All of its data are available in open data. It also stands out for the very good homogeneity and quality of its charging station fleet.

For Eric Plaquet, CEO of Gireve, “Ensuring drivers a smooth charging experience helps remove a major obstacle to the adoption of electric vehicles. Today, France has a good network, but it is difficult to evaluate the usage and working status of networks. With our new tool, we provide objective data on the quality of the infrastructure to improve it and facilitate access to charging for all drivers.

Francois Gatineau, President of Mobileese, concludes: “Like Nutriscore or the DPE diagnosis, in order to meet the expectations of electric vehicle users, it is necessary to have a reliable, secure, sustainable and user-friendly charging infrastructure. Our goal with this new innovative tool is to give infrastructure managers the means to continue the necessary improvements and reinforce the already achieved successes.

About Gireve:

Gireve processes and enriches data on charging points and driver behaviors to provide analysis and consulting services. E-mobility players turn to Gireve for an overview of charging on a territory or for strategic advice. Gireve also helps them achieve their company’s energy transition, expand their services, or anticipate future issues. With its digital platform, Gireve lists over 325,000 charging points in 25 European countries. This platform also operates over 7,000 roaming contracts, and manages millions of transactions in its systems each year.

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About Mobileese:

MOBILEESE is a certified AFNOR consulting firm and engineering office. The company helps all private and public organizations succeed in every step of their electric mobility projects. This includes installation projects for charging points and the implementation of mobility services for companies and communities. It also includes studies, benchmarking; support for fleet transformation, and design or Project Management for charging infrastructure projects. Finally the company offers optimization of energy for electric vehicles and buildings.

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