GIREVE Webinar #3

Webinar #3 – Roaming, an opportunity for your company?

CPO and eMSP, discover our solutions for electric mobility roaming!

Thanks to GIREVE, Charging Point Operators become visible and ensure the profitability of their installations, and e-Mobility Service Providers enrich their service offers. Roaming offers many advantages to electric mobility actors and facilitates the uses for the drivers.

In this webinar, we will review the issues and challenges of roaming. What solutions GIREVE offers for CPOs and eMSPs? How to easily create a network of partners? How to ensure technical connections and roaming contracts?  How to simplify your operations and reduce your costs?

We will also present the Connect Place, the marketplace that simplifies all your processes and opens access to roaming to the greatest number of people.

Speaker : Jingjing MA – Business Development Manager

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