Webinar #2 GIREVE: Construire son plan de déploiement d’infrastructures de recharge

Webinar #2 Gireve: How to build your infrastructure rollout plan (FR)

This webinar is designed for planning authorities looking for support in their charging infrastructure rollout plan.

About this event

Since the beginning of the year, French stakeholders from car, energy and consumer goods industries have gathered with local authorities, discussing solutions to reach the government’s objective of 100,000 charging points installed on the territory. 

How to ensure a good regional coverage? Beyond coverage, how can they meet the diversity of users’ needs? 

This webinar is designed for public and private planning authorities, looking for support in their charging infrastructure rollout plan. This webinar will tackle the issue of identifying all charging points on a territory, evaluating outdated infrastructures, or more generally to define a strategy and create a rollout plan for the deployment of future charging point networks.

Speaker: Magdalena Thurin, Electromobility consulting manager, GIREVE


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