In collaboration with Gireve, WattzHub enables its customers and their employees to simplify access to charging points in Europe.

WattzHub continues to expand its recharge offer in collaboration with Gireve

By connecting to Gireve’s roaming platform, the company allows their customers and their collaborators to facilitate and simplify access to electric charging points in Europe.

WattzHub – an operator of electric mobility and installation management and supervision of charging stations

The company offers total support and a turnkey solution in order to make the energy transition experience more convenient. In fact, WattzHub presents itself on the market as a :

  • B2B electric mobility service provider
  • Payment solution provider and access to electric charging stations in B2C
  • Mobility ticket service provider
  • Electric charging point operator
  • Charging station supervision system provider
  • Training and consulting service provider

Gireve – an essential trusted partner for B2B players in the charging sector

Gireve is a B2B platform for new mobilities that brings together more than 230,000 charging points in Europe. We offer services and tools to accelerate the activity of the players and build the mobility of tomorrow. As an aggregator of public charging stations, Gireve connects operators to simplify their contractual and technical relationships. Gireve is a data specialist that provides analysis and forecasting reports on the use of mobility in the years to come. As a trusted partner, Gireve provides advice, guidance and customized training to support the entire ecosystem.

Solutions to accelerate sustainable mobility

WattzHub has connected to the Gireve’s roaming platform as an electric mobility service provider (eMSP) and charging station operator (CPO). Through this association, the company offers several solutions:

  • Fleet Charging Management Solution (Postpaid): WattzHub offers fleet managers a platform that allows one-click monitoring and tracking of employee charging operations via a clear and detailed dashboard. This platform offers a clear, instantaneous and global visibility for fleet managers on all activities, allowing them to act in a quick and instantaneous way on the different elements. It is also a free, customizable and scalable mobile geolocation application with a white label charging badge.
  • Prepaid recharging solution: The “Smile and Charge” application is proposed for individuals (B2C) giving access to 230,000 public and private recharging stations in more than 30 European countries to facilitate their journeys, locate the most suitable stations in terms of proximity, availability, recharging rates, type of connector… and carry out their sessions smoothly and quickly via a recharging badge.
  • Charging station management solution: The CPO solution proposed by WattzHub is Gireve certified and compatible with the advenir program. Indeed, it is associated with a mobile application in SAAS mode allowing to operate the charging infrastructure of electric vehicles, the advanced management of the charging stations, the monitoring of the charging infrastructure, the management of the charging sessions with authorization statistics, authentication and badge management.

With Gireve we go faster and further. Our partnership with Gireve has allowed us to develop and optimize our different solutions for fleet managers and drivers of electric vehicles, but also to present ourselves as an operator of electric charging points and to propose a global solution for the installation and supervision of the charging points.

Sasan MINAEIAN, PDG at WattzHub

The roaming service is the first success between WattzHub and Gireve but it is surely not the last. Indeed, Gireve and WattzHub have launched a new dynamic tariff project. This project will allow CPOs to change their rates directly. It will also allow eMSPs to update their information in real time.

New services are on the way!

Continuous innovation is a working principle for the WattzHub team. The company has launched a support service based on a telephone hotline dedicated to the users of the charging stations. The objective is to solve technical problems related to charging stations, applications or other. This service is available 24/7 with a ticketing system and a landing page dedicated to each customer.

In addition, WattzHub is preparing the launch of “smart-charging” and “Vehicle-to-grid” services to better meet the evolving needs of the market.

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