L'opérateur britannique Plug-N-Go s'ouvre à l'itinérance avec GIREVE.

The UK based Operator Plug-N-Go opens to roaming with Gireve

Plug-N-Go installs, operates, and maintains public facing electrical fast charge points (up to 50 kWh) throughout the UK, Guernsey and Gibraltar for business and the public sector. Plug-N-Go charge points cater for EV drivers who intend to spend at least an hour at their destination in locations such as supermarkets, shopping malls, fitness clubs, hotels etc, giving value add and future proofing to businesses in a changing infrastructure.

Plug-N-Go also sell charge points, components and install charge points for workplaces and fleets, in addition to providing both fully funded and partially funded solutions to site owners who do not have the financial resources to install their own.

By getting connected to GIREVE’s roaming platform, Plug-N-Go will increase traffic on its charging point as EV drivers will be able to locate the charging point operated by Plug-N-Go, access it, and pay with their own mobility solution (mobile application, RFID card etc…).

Plug-N-Go currently operates 72 charge points and has great development perspective with a new contract to provide 85 sites with charge points.

Being connected to GIREVE is an important step for our company as we will have the opportunity to be located and accessible to most EV drivers in the UK. This connection will increase the rentability of our charging points and will participate in the global service improvement for all EV drivers

 Tim REVILL, Chairman of Plug-N-GO.

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