The French Vallée Des Baux-Alpilles Connects To Gireve

In the beginning of November, CCBVA (a French territory that gathers several communes) joined GIREVE’s platform to open its charging points to roaming.

Since 2017,  CCBVA  has settled a network of 12 charging points (from 3 to 22 kW) on the territory. To charge on it, CCBVA  offers a charging service called “Simone”.

By connecting to GIREVE, CCBVA also enables EV drivers not connecte to Simone to charge with another subscription. Through GIREVE’s Connect Place, CCBVA can choose the roaming partners she wants to open its network to.

CCBVA’s network infrastructure is supplied, set up, maintained and managed by Bouygues Énergies et Services company and its subsidiary Alizé for the mobile app dedicated to suscribers. Charging points are implemented in every town’s central location to enable easy access to businesses around.

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