The French CAPVM charging network joins GIREVE’s platform

The French CAPVM Charging Network Joins Gireve’s Platform

The CAPVM (Communauté d’Agglomération Paris-Vallée de la Marne) connected its network of charging points to the roaming platform GIREVE, to make them accessible and visible to EV drivers using charging badges and mobile apps in partnership with the network.

Since 2016, the CAPVM has been financing the implementation of EV charging stations. The French company Clem sets up and manages the stations, which are located mostly next to train stations, homes and companies in Champs-sur-Marne, Croissy-Beaubourg, Emerainville, Lognes, Noisiel and Torcy.

“We are pursuing our common objective : to develop electric mobility while facilitating charging, and encourage it by offering an ecological means of transport that is complementary to public transport” Bruno Lebrun, CEO of GIREVE

In addition to EV charging, CAPVM charging points offer carsharing services managed also by Clem. Those services aim at answering mobility needs (meeting, shopping…), making it useless for users to invest in a second car, but also offering another means of transport that is complementary to public transport.

Connecting to GIREVE’s platform gives an opportunity to the CAPVM to open its charging points to a wider range of drivers. All EV drivers using a mobility solution that is partner to CAPVM will be able to locate and charge on the network charging points.

“For CAPVM, charging points interoperability is important because it creates compatibility between diverse systems, facilitating the EV drivers’ lives” Muriel Millard Sanchez, Transportation, Travel and Grand Paris Express Manager

La CAPVM a connecté son réseau de 50 points de charge pour véhicules électriques à la plateforme d’itinérance GIREVE, pour les rendre visibles et accessibles aux conducteurs de véhicules électriques utilisant des badges et applications partenaires.


The agglomeration Paris – Vallée de la Marne gathers 12 communes and 237 000 inhabitants. It is the largest C’est est le plus important EPCI (Public Establishment for Intercommunal Co-operation) in the Seine-et-Marne department. The jurisdiction exercised by the agglomeration is as follows :
Its compulsory jurisdictions are spatial planning, economic development, social equilibrium, town policy, parking areas for Travellers, aquatic environment management and flood prevention, the collection and treatment of household waste.
Elected representatives of Paris-Vallée de la Marne chose to also involve freely in non-compulsory jurisdiction.
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To support the rapid growth of electric mobility, GIREVE brings industry operators together: charging point operators, car manufacturers, energy suppliers, public institutions…
GIREVE is an integrated platform offering innovative services that enable mobility operators to easily build partnerships. GIREVE provides and develops the link that enables true electric mobility roaming by acting as an interface between a diversity of dissimilar systems.
Roaming between electric mobility operators makes life easier for electric vehicle drivers and maximizes the use of charging point networks. That’s the core business of GIREVE, and it’s delivered through three key areas of expertise: a database of charging points for electric vehicles, a market place for roaming agreements between operators and a technical hub to ensure real-time exchanges between operators.
Charging point operators achieve the high profile needed to ensure the profitability of their facilities, and e-mobility service providers enhance their service offering to drivers.
Its goal is to provide competitive electric mobility that benefits everyone.
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