Thanks to its connection to the Gireve platform, the Borneco network is referenced on most navigation and payment applications.

The BornEco network is available on the Gireve platform

Faced with global warming and rising gas prices, electric vehicles (EVs) are attracting more and more people. But charging EVs is still a difficult issue. Finding a charging station near your home is a real challenge for EV drivers. Borneco gives us a better solution to make charging easier. The operator has joined the Gireve platform to develop its business with new customers.

Borneco – the EV charging solution

Borneco is a team of experts in the installation of charging stations for electric vehicles. Certified with the Qualifelec-IRVE qualification, the company offers different types of charging infrastructure projects for electric cars in companies, communities, co-ownerships, and households. All Borneco offers are certified by the ADVENIR program.

Afin de faciliter l’achat des bornes de recharge, Borneco dispose de 2 showrooms en plein cœur de Paris et offre aux électromobilistes la possibilité de choisir son matériel, de le faire installer et de bénéficier d’une supervision adaptée. Le réseau de borne de recharge de Borneco s’étend de plus en plus. En effet, l’entreprise compte déjà plus 300 bornes de recharge déployées avec 15 types de bornes électriques différentes.

Borneco and Gireve – our turnkey solution

In June, Borneco connected to the Gireve platform as a charging operator. The company’s offer includes 29 connected charging points, which deliver a mostly accelerated charge, i.e. up to 22 kWh. With this connection, Borneco’s network is referenced on most of the navigation and payment applications, which allows drivers to find the charging stations, verify their availability, charge up and pay for the charging session via their usual operator.

We have chosen to join Gireve to bring real solutions to our customers, to facilitate their access to our network and to ease their transition to electric mobility. We offer them a turnkey solution.

Freddy Boukhris – Technical Director at Borneco

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