L’entreprise néerlandaise TanQyou vient de se connecter à la plateforme d’itinérance de GIREVE

TanQyou opens more charging opportunities to its EV drivers with Gireve

Netherlands-based company TanQyou just connected to GIREVE’s roaming platform, adding new charging stations for EV driver subscribers of its EV-Charging app.

TanQyou is a mobility platform that ensures innovation in the field of mobility services. The company has recently developed its activity from fuelling to parking and EV charging, allowing every consumer to experience barrier-free mobility in one platform. With the app, subscribers can locate, charge, and pay their sessions. By connecting to GIREVE, the operator adds up to 100,000 public charging points across Europe on its app, thus accounting for 200,000 charging points in total.

“We chose to join GIREVE to benefit from the platform’s nice comprehensive range. We believe that roaming will become part of a changing vision within the mobility landscape, to develop MaaS” Mick Brants, Account Manager, TanQyou

Operating mainly in the Netherlands, the eMSP subscribers are also based in Belgium and Germany.

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