Spark Horizon Is Enlarging Its Charging Network With Gireve

Spark Horizon is enlarging its charging network with GIREVE

With this new agreement, the number of charging points available on the e-mobility service provider’s app is increasing.

Spark Horizon is also specialized in building free charging points for its users, who can charge through the operator’s app. With GIREVE’s BOOST service, the operator will be able to provide its users with more than 16000 charging points available for roaming in Europe.
Once connected to the platform, the operator can access all roaming agreements and choose which networks he wants to connect to.

Spark Horizon was created in 2017 to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles (EV) by building & operating the first free EV charging network across Europe, sponsored by sustainably engaged brands and installed at premium destination points.


Benefitting from a strong growth since its creation in 2013 by major players of electric mobility Renault, Enedis, the Caisse des depots and CNR, GIREVE is now playing a central role in the digital transformation of electric mobility in Europe. Its development is increasing further with the arrival of the Fond de Modernisation Ecologique des Transports (FMET) dedicated to investing in infrastructures that contribute to the ecological modernisation of transportation.

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