Servicehouse Joins Gireve To Extend Its Charge Coverage

The Dutch e-mobility operator just joined GIREVE’s platform, to be able to offer its customers more charging points to charge their EV car.

ServiceHouse is an innovative company based in the Netherlands, offering services in the fields of sustainable energy and mobility. Among their products, ServiceHouse develops a charging pass for EV cars.

It recently connected to GIREVE to gain access to more than 35 000 charging points available through the platform around Europe: on GIREVE’s Connect Place, the operator can view all charging point operators’ roaming offers, and sign those it sees most relevant.

“We are very happy to see ServiceHouse connect to GIREVE. It will increase the use of charging points in roaming across Europe and it is an opportunity to see cross border charging enhanced as well” said Bruno Lebrun, CEO of GIREVE.

More information about ServiceHouse :

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