SAP Labs France Joins Gireve’s Platform

SAP Labs France company connected to GIREVE’s platform to increase visibility of its French charging network. SAP Labs France delivers an IT solution of charging point supervision (smart charging solutions) named “E-mobility”. By connecting to GIREVE, the company makes its charging point network visible to 45 e-mobility operators also partners of GIREVE. This represents more than 400 000 EV drivers who will be able to check a charge point’s availability real time. To get connected, SAP Labs chose the OCPI protocol, implemented by GIREVE last summer 2018.

“We chose GIREVE’s OCPI certification because it will open new business opportunities for our charging point supervision app. Displaying charging points to the outside world is indeed essential to EV development. Thanks to the simplicity of the registration process and the quality of our exchanges with GIREVE, we can guarantee to our future clients that they will have good visibility of their charging networks” – Gerald SEILER, E-Mobility Manager, SAP Labs France

The goal of the “E-Mobility” solution is to multiply tenfold electric vehicle charging stations’ return thanks in particular to an optimised time management and vehicle rotation of the charging point. This system makes it easier for fleet managers to control and follow charging sessions. The user can check the availability of a charging point on his smartphone or computer. When the charge is complete, he is notified by e-mail in real time so that he can move his car. With this system, the charging point is made available right after the charge is complete. It helps optimise the use and avoids setting up too many charging stations.

About SAP Labs France

SAP Labs France is a joint-stock company located in Mougins (06250) on Sophia Antipolis Technopole. It focuses on IT programming and dedicates a growing team to e-mobility.

SAP is the market leader in enterprise application software, helping companies of all sizes and in all industries run at their best: 77% of the world’s transaction revenue touches an SAP system. SAP France is a subsidiary for research and development.

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