Roaming Expands In Spain With Feníe Energía

The Charging Point Operator get connected to GIREVE to become interoperable, opening its network to new EV drivers.

Feníe Energía is a company committed to sustainable development.  Feníe Energía offers electricity, gas, renewable energy and solutions that promote energy saving and mobility .

Through the network of Energy Agents around the country, Feníe Energía offers its customers personalised and expert service to help them save and make efficient use of energy. Feníe Energía has been chosen, for the second year in a row, for Best Customer Service in 2019 in the suppliers category of the Service Leaders Awards.

By getting connected to GIREVE, Feníe Energía opens to roaming its 160 charging points based in Spain, enabling access to EV drivers who subscribed solutions from other e-Mobility Service Providers.

“Feníe Energía is a company that defends open and interoperable systems. We want Feníe Energía’s charging points to be available on the maximum number of platforms and navigators. GIREVE allows us with a single software development to connect to most European applications and many of the navigators of electric vehicles.” Coral Suárez , After-sales technician, Feníe Energía

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