Partnership between Gireve & spotNcharge

Official partnership between Gireve & spotNcharge for new charging services

The end of the sale of thermal cars is set for 2035, the number of charging stations in France is increasing by 40 to 50% each year. At the same time, sales of electric cars are increasing rapidly (+40% since the beginning of the year), supported by purchase subsidies and increasingly inexpensive models.

However, the majority of recharges take place at home or in the company and drivers regularly need public recharging stations during their trips.

For this reason, Gireve collaborates with the application spotNcharge, developed by the company webNdev. The association aims to bring concrete solutions to this situation by relying on a partnership beneficial to EV users.

What are the benefits for EV’s users ?

With the support of Gireve’s platform, the spotNcharge application now offers a complete and innovative range of services for all drivers of electric & hybrid vehicles.

spotNcharge is based on our database of charging stations. Indeed, it proposes a map of all the charging stations in France. Thanks to their technical connection, the application can give real time data about the charging station, such as the operating status.

The solution is centered around the user. That’s why spotNcharge offers optimized itinerary planning services, geolocation of points of interest around a charging point, personalized for the user.

In fact, this application enables many other services to improve the charging experience. Moreover, it evolve the whole ecosystem, promoting communication:

  • Member-to-member charging point sharing and reservation
  • Electric carpooling
  • Charging time simulator
  • Price comparison
  • Suggestions for new charging stations
  • Vehicle management
  • Recording of journeys
  • Calculation of average consumption VS manufacturer data
  • MarketPlace specific to electric mobility
  • Chat between members
  • News published by the players in the field of electric charging
  • Installation of recharging stations facilitated by the connection with its partners EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) certified
With the spotNcharge application and the Gireve platform, drivers of electric vehicles will be able to see the available charging stations around them

An objective: to simplify charging

Gireve is a digital platform for new mobility, aggregates charging networks in Europe. We also provides intermediation, data and consulting services for mobility actors. As a result of the combination of the spotNcharge application and the Gireve platform, drivers of electric vehicles will be able to see the available charging stations around them. They will be able to get information about the price of the charging point according to the power delivered by the station and the badge used.

With the development of electric mobility, there is an urgent need to simplify services for drivers to offer them a seamless electric charging experience. With spotNcharge, EV drivers have access to an unprecedented range of services that meet heterogeneous needs via a single application. We are delighted to contribute to enriching this experience with our unique database in France.” – Thibault Lemierre, Business Dev Manager, France

We want to optimize the experience of EV drivers and develop the number of charging points thanks to the sharing of electric charging points, with two clearly stated objectives: to gather in a single application all the needs of EV drivers and to become the first community for electric charging!” – Paul-André ATTAL & Patrick CHEDEVILLE, Founders

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To be continued: new and more innovative services!

Certainly, the mapping of the terminals is the first step of the partnership between the two companies, which do not intend to stop there. In fact, a new project is being studied to set up a unified payment solution via the spotNcharge application for CPOs and eMSPs interested in such a listing of their offers.

CPO and / or eMSP interested ? Contact us !

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