Le syndicat mixte des transports du bassin de Briey (ST2B) en Meurthe et Moselle vient d’ouvrir ses bornes de recharge à l’interopérabilité en rejoignant la plateforme GIREVE.

New network in eastern France is now open to roaming with Gireve

Promoting alternative solutions for mobility, the ST2B (Syndicat mixte des transports du bassin de Briey) in Meurthe et Moselle region in France has opened its charging stations to roaming by joining GIREVE’s platform.

To support residents who made the choice of electromobility, the ST2B decided to open its charging stations initially dedicated to a car-sharing service to all users.

This decision had an impact on the selected charging pools. Each pool has two charging points: one dedicated for car-sharing, and the other accessible through self-service. The location of the stations was also carefully selected for better accessibility. Located in front of the town halls of the 5 largest municipalities in the area, the stations are ideally located, both near companies potentially interested in car-sharing vehicles and accessible by all nearby inhabitants.

By opening the stations to all users, the ST2B has become a local mobility operator. With the help of TINEA (ENGIE group), it offers an online subscription solution and an access to the charging station via an RFID card or a smartphone. But the ST2B wanted to go further and wanted to make its network accessible to more users.  The choice of roaming with GIREVE has allowed the authority to open access to subscribers of the biggest mobility operators in France and Europe.

“The world of smart and interoperable EVSEs was quite complex to grasp for a small community like ours, as it is not our primary mission. My exchanges with GIREVE helped me better understand the issue of roaming, thanks to GIREVE providing tools and full support.” Arnaud PINNA, Director of the ST2B

In just a few months, this project already has positive consequences. The ST2B is speaking with other municipalities, to extend the development of this type of charging infrastructure on the territory. ST2B has also noted increasing requests from inhabitants on electromobility since the installation of the 5 stations in December 2020.

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