New Features On The Connect Place

In 2018, GIREVE’s team improved its Connect Place, a web platform where e-mobility and charging point operators meet. On this market place, charging point operators display their roaming offers, and e-mobility service providers can accept and integrate them in their charging offers to EV drivers. During the year, GIREVE’s partners were contacted to help define most useful evolutions. Last November, changes were made to GIREVE’s Connect Place to offer its users new features, mainly related to the life cycle of offers and agreements.

Evolution of a roaming offer and related agreements

CPOs (Charge point Operators) will be able to modify their roaming offer, to change its price for instance, and to select a date of effect. The changes made to the offer will be clearly visible for EMPs (e-Mobility service Operators)

CPOs will have the possibility to propose amendments to EMPs with whom they already have an active agreement.

These amendments, created automatically and notified by email, will indicate precisely the proposed changes. EMPs may accept or refuse an amendment.

Termination of an agreement

CPOs or EMPs may terminate a roaming agreement, in accordance with contractual terms.

Management of contact persons

This new version will enable users to handle better the points of contacts identified in roaming agreements. They will be able to ad many contacts to a single offer, to classify contacts per role, and to update contact details at any time.

This first evolution of the Connect Place was achieved along other projects of services innovation, and it will be followed by further similar work so that the platform can better answer users needs.

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