New Charging Points Open To Roaming In France With Sdeg 16

French SDEG 16  (Syndicat Départemental d’Electricité et de Gaz de la Charente) got connected to GIREVE’s roaming platform. The first station of the network was inaugurated on the 5th of September 2019 in the French city of Marthon, with the ambition to provide a network on the territory with at least one charging station every 20 kms.
By getting connected to GIREVE’s platform, the SDEG 16 opens its network of charging points to third party users. This connection illustrates the operator’s objective to meet the need of charge from tourists visiting the territory but also from drivers with low battery looking for an emergency charge.

“For a sustainable mobility, respectful of the environment” Jean-Michel BOLVIN, President of the SDEG 16

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