Leading Network In Croatia Opens To Roaming With Gireve

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Paris-Zagreb, 21st April 2020 – Market leader Hrvatski Telekom established connection to GIREVE’s roaming platform, opening its network to considerably more users in Europe. The connection was finalised in March 2020. Its network is joining the other 86 000 European charging points already available on the roaming platform. Thanks to the connection to GIREVE, Hrvatski Telekom opens up its network, giving access to non-subscription EV drivers.

Roaming ensures that a customer of one charging network has access to thousands of charging stations, which improves user experience a lot, and that is our most important goal. – Josip Stjepanović, E-mobility Product Manager, Hrvatski Telekom

Most of their charging stations deliver regular and fast charging, but the operator recently started to deliver ultra fast EV chargers, with 50+ kW power. Hrvatski Telekom operates charging stations for cities, shopping malls, parkings, hotels, retail stores or restaurants.

Joining GIREVE, the biggest European roaming platform, was essential for Hrvatski Telekom which has the largest publicly available charging network in Croatia – Josip Stjepanović, E-mobility Product Manager, Hrvatski Telekom

Hrvatski Telekom installs charging stations in the country and is currently managing more than 330 charging points spread across 94 cities.

We are extremely encouraged by Hrvatski Telekom’s decision to join GIREVE’s European roaming platform. . The process went smoothly with Hrvatski Telekom thanks to both teams’ dedication and expertise.  We share a common goal to make charging easy and reliable for all EV drivers across Europe. We are convinced that this partnership will bear fruit for both parties. Looking foward. – Jingjing Ma, Business Development Manager, GIREVE

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