July, 2020: 29,800 Charging Points Are Available In France

Early July 2020, there are 29,854 charging points open to the public in France. This represents an increase by 12,7% compared to the same month last year, and a 0,9% increase over the last 3 months. Obviously, charging station installations have been slowed down by the COVID-19 crisis, but the French governement’s plan to support the automotive industry should help reverse the trend.

To Cécile Goubet, AVERE France’s Secretary General of the French Electric Mobilty Development Association, “The COVID crisis slowed down installation projects. For the support plan to work we will need to use all financial and legislative tools we can. The whole ecosystem is ready to go back to station installation, we just need to make it the easiest possible!”

Over the last 12 months, network operators have accelerated high power charging installation to enable faster charging. the number of charging points delivering fast charging (from 11 kW) increased by 14.7% (compared to 8,5% for normal charging).

There is a majority of AC chargers in the public networks in France (90%).

With close to 252,000 EV registered in France, the country offers 1 public charging point for 8.4 EV, or 1 for 10.8 EV with hybrid cars included.

Read more in AVERE’s article and our barometer (FR)

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