L’opérateur italien EnerMia enrichit ses services VE via GIREVE

Italian Operator Enermia Enhances Its Services For Ev Drivers With Gireve

Italian operator EnerMia joined GIREVE to enhance its services for EV Driver. As an eMSP, EnerMia will give its subscriber access to more than 96,000 charging points across Europe already connected to GIREVE. As a CPO, EnerMia will open its network to roaming and make its infrastructures more visible to all EV drivers.

EnerMia is an innovative start-up operating in the electric mobility sector offering charging stations installation, management platform and an app for EV drivers. EnerMia’s app enables drivers to find the nearest charging point, start charging, monitor costs in real time, pay without using external services, benefit from assistance through call centers. As a CPO, EnerMia manufactures and handles maintenance of charging point infrastructures all over Italy with a power range from 22kW to 50kW. EnerMia offers different services to the various interlocutors interested in electric mobility, to facilitate vehicle recharging. From local authorities to condominiums and private car parks, hotels and accommodation facilities, shopping centers and electricity network managers, EnerMia also offers recharging services and systems. A simple, transparent, and optimized process to facilitate the development of electric mobility in Italy through the creation of an easily managed infrastructure that is always available and visible to all electric vehicle drivers in Europe. EnerMia’s business is based on the research and development of cutting-edge technologies, supported by international partners.

By connecting to GIREVE’s platform, EnerMia gets virtually connected to operators it wants, optimizing operation costs and relying on Gireve to solve issues that partners can face.

“EnerMia with Gireve’s roaming service will be able to enhance its offer, delivering its high-quality services on a greater number of charging points and to all EV drivers in Europe.” Flavia Samorì, EnerMia

About EnerMia

EnerMia collaborates with public, private, hotels and shopping centers supporting them in the design of the infrastructure and the IT platform, allowing dynamic and flexible customer management and interoperability of the charging point. Even the design is studied in detail and appropriate to the context in which it is inserted. Our solutions allow them to be installed wherever there is a low voltage network at hand. The prefabricated foundation and pre-wired components ensure easy installation. The reliability of the component technology is linked to our world-leading industrial partners in the sector. The real-time communication between the Cloud (OCPP) and the charging station guarantees the management and documentation of transactions in a reliable and fast way. Access to the recharging points via RFID card or App starts the recharging process and allows you to obtain information regarding the status and costs in real time.

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