Interview Of Bruno Lebrun, Gireve’s President

–  Excerpt from Bruno Lebrun’s interview in French by AVERE France, on the 2nd of May 2016 –

“Our platform is free for any charge point operator”, Bruno Lebrun, GIREVE’s president

EV drivers should be able to charge on any public charge point network, no matter their subscription or their operator. This is now an obligation for public entities that beneffited from ADEME subvention, and it will be extended to any entity with a decree that is being written. Does that obligation raise public entities’s costs ? GIREVE says no and explains why.

Avere-France : Interoperability is now a key issue for public entities setting up charge points. How would you define it, as a data transfer platform operator ?

Bruno Lebrun : ADEME’s AMI (Appel à Manifestation d’Intérêt, Call for Expressions of Interest), who funded most of public entities’ facilities, imposed two types of access to a charging service : with a credit card, which is anonymous, and by suscribing to an operator, whether the one managing the charging station or another. This obligation is spreading, with a decree project being elaborated for any public charge point operator.

Why this obligation ? Mostly because many e-mobility service operators need to identify the user and the vehicle, and it is impossible to do that just with a credit card. Si you want to customize a service and adapt its fare depending on the use (like phone service) and, tomorrow, develop smart charging, you need identification to be enabled… A credit card won’t suffice.

In this context, GIREVE’s platform facilitates contact and exchanges between a charge point operator and an EV driver’s operator who wants to charge, ensuring one to be paid for the service delivered to the other’s clients….

For charge point networks to really be interoperable, mobility and charging point operators need to make it official through a contract mentioning their obligations. Where does GIREVE stand on this matter ?

To access a charging point network, an e-mobility operator indeed needs to sign a roaming agreement. This agreements states that one allows the other’s suscribers to use its infrastructure, defining the B2B fare adjusted after negociations and also defining invoicing terms.

In this operator-to-operator transaction, GIREVE’s platform gives a standard agreement template, garanteeing that this template applies. Then it manages data flow and creates elements for invoice. We would like to go even further, by enabling roaming agreements to be signed online through a secure connect place that we are developing. Roaming agreements between two operators would thus be validated online, in a single click…

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