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White paper: intermediation for smart charging

The uptake of EV raises new challenges for energy players. How can they make sure that they will be productive enough to meet the growing consumption needs? How can they plan and control peak periods, especially in winter? Among those challenges, Gireve looks into intermediation for smart charging, and how a platform can help energy players connect with other industries easily, and balance their production by taking EVs into account.

Indeed, answers can be found when considering EV as a solution to the problem it raises. At Gireve, we believe that by making charging power flexible and using EV batteries to store energy or give energy to the grid, we can reduce consumption peaks and make the most of renewable energies as well. We are conducting R&D work with various actors in the electricity sector, such as flexibility aggregators, TSOs, and DSOs in order to study the relevance and test the role of interoperability platforms to unlock the potential of EV charging flexibilities. For example,we carried out projects with DREEV and others within the aVEnir project, a 13-member consortium. In 2022, we also joined a breakout session around two use cases on large-scale scenarios to face power peaks. We explained how our platform’s data could be of use to balance production and consumption at a large scale.

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