go electric stations teams up with GIREVE

Go Electric Stations And Gireve Team Up

Last summer, the Italian charge network and service provider Go Electric Stations and the roaming platform GIREVE have signed a global partnership.

Go Electric Stations provides its users with a RFID card and a mobile app that locates charging points to charge their EV. The company also operates charging stations of its own. Connecting to GIREVE now enables Go Electric Stations to extend its coverage and offer its users a wider network of charging points. The roaming platform gives indeed access to a network of more than 130 partners and 28 000 charging points in Europe. Go Electric Stations can choose the networks most relevant to its users and sign contract with them.

Thanks to this agreement, Go Electric Stations also increases the use of its own charging points as they will now be visible through navigation app and open to roaming. Go Electric Stations can choose its roaming partners and give them access to its charging network.

“I found Gireve to be very professional, supportive and innovative. They offer open technology such as OCPI and many opportunities for network expansion” Francesco Barrile, CEO of Go Electric Stations

With this new partnership, GIREVE extends its reach in Europe and gives it a focus in Italy.

“This partnership is another step towards a seamless electric mobility in Europe” Bruno Lebrun, GIREVE’s CEO

About Go Electric Stations

The company’s mission is geared to the distribution of ecological culture through the creation of services designed and facilitated for the widespread use of electric cars.

Technological development in recent years, especially within the power cell research, has made the deployment of electric cars with performance and autonomy possible and comparable to that of internal combustion cars.

Go Electric Stations is confident that this technology will be the inevitable future of the automotive market, that the resistance from users who fear the inconvenience and lack of a distribution of charging stations will fall and that the incentives for purchases will become increasingly available by the state administrations.

Go Electric Stations has implemented:

  • an information gateway, designed to define the mapping of all the electric charging stations;
  • a mobile application where users can add new stations, photos and comments;
  • a management system that allows station owners to comfortably control their installations, no matter where they may stay.

Knowing the location of a charging station, whether it is available at any given time, easily booking a charge, or organizing a long-distance journey with stops and providing appropriate autonomy to your charging needs are the services that the website will provide to you.

“Electric is the future and we’re wanting you along for an enjoyable ride!”

Learn more : https://goelectricstations.it


To support the rapid growth of electric mobility, GIREVE brings industry operators together: charging point operators, car manufacturers, energy suppliers, public institutions…

GIREVE is an integrated platform offering innovative services that enable mobility operators to easily build partnerships. GIREVE provides and develops the link that enables true electric mobility roaming by acting as an interface between a diversity of dissimilar systems.

Roaming between electric mobility operators makes life easier for electric vehicle drivers and maximizes the use of charging point networks. That’s the core business of GIREVE, and it’s delivered through three key areas of expertise: a database of charging points for electric vehicles, a market place for roaming agreements between operators and a technical hub to ensure real-time exchanges between operators.

Charging point operators achieve the high profile needed to ensure the profitability of their facilities, and e-mobility service providers enhance their service offering to drivers.

Its goal is to provide competitive electric mobility that benefits everyone.

Learn more : https://www.gireve.com

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