Gireve Welcomes The First Slovakian Network On Its Platform

Paris-Bratislava – Ejoin, a Slovakian network of charging point, got connected to GIREVE’s roaming platform to give EV drivers access to its charging point using the app or badge they want.

Ejoin is Slovakian manufacturer and developer of charging stations for electric vehicles. The company started developing charging stations in 2015 in public places but also provides EV drivers with the installation of charging stations at home. Its portfolio offers wide variety of products, both AC and DC charging stations. Most of ejoin’s network is based in Slovakia but the operator also owns several charging points in Czech Republic and Romania.

“We see great opportunity in being part of a roaming service, since it can bring a lot of new customers. Roaming services also help with a charging infrastructure worldwide. If you are traveling long distance, you need as many charging options as possible, no matter where you go. We chose GIREVE because it seems to be the smartest decision for our goal.” Martin Janušek, Marketing manager, ejoin s.r.o.

By the end of 2020, ejoin plans to have 200 charging points, and this goal is slowly becoming a reality. Ejoin’s vision and goal is to create an international web of charging stations that will solve the increasing need for electric energy for cars. They provide charging in places usually visited by large groups of people such as shopping malls, fast food restaurants and touristic destinations. They also offer shopping malls an option to link ejoin’s paying system with their loyalty program or payment for goods, so that people can enjoy the best access to their services.

“Slovakia and Romania are key targets for e-mobility rollout, cross-border travels in electric cars and pan-European charging coverage. With ejoin on our platform, we take a new step to achieve this goal.” Armand Gallet, Business Development Manager, GIREVE

By getting connected to GIREVE, the operator goes one step further in facilitating access to its charging services. Opening its network to roaming enables the operator to sign roaming agreement with e-mobility service providers so that EV drivers can use any means of payment to access ejoin’s network.

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