Team at Elaad testlab for CharIN V2G PKI test event

Gireve’s Plug&Charge services open to CharIN V2G PKI

End of November, our Plug&Charge team joined a CharIN demonstration event at ElaadNL Testlab facilities in Arnhem (NL). Using a Stellantis demo vehicle, we worked with IBIL, Ingeteam and Stellantis to realise Plug and Charge using the CharIN V2G PKI. We provided the ecosystem services for certificate exchange and signing and realized end-to-end testing with our partners. The demonstration showed that CharIN´s V2G PKI will be supported by our ecosystem.

Our Plug&Charge team worked with IBIL, Ingeteam and Stellantis to realise Plug and Charge using the CharIN V2G PKI at ElaadNL Testlab.

It was a great and very useful event to identify potential technical issues when changing the test setup and running the tests with other partners. Of course, it was also joyful to celebrate the successfully completed implementation with the Plug & Charge Europe members after a long journey. However, the main work is yet to come, and we are looking ahead to the actual rollout of Plug & Charge through the CharIN PKI.

CharIN board

CharIN – V2G PKI for Plug&Charge

In collaboration with Stellantis, IBIL and Ingeteam, we realized end-to-end testing of our Trust services.
We provided the required certificates and pool to prepare the environment :

  • Creation and installation of the charging station certificate
  • Creation of the Contract certificate under CharIN’s PKI, signed by CharIN’s CPS
  • Installation of the Contract Certificate by the CPO accessing Gireve’s Pool (*)

Finally, the certificates generated by Gireve we used to successfully start a charging session using Plug and Charge between a real Stellantis testing vehicle, an Ingeteam charging station and a driver using IBIL services.

(*) Gireve’s pool is also accessible to OEM. To know more about our Trust service

This test event proved that our TRUST services are operational under CharIN’s V2G PKI. CPO and eMSP members of the event were able to create a connection within a few days.

Ibil is thrilled to be able to collaborate with Gireve closely to deploy our Plug&Charge services. We have successfully completed the demo session which has been carried out with so much ease and stability. The solution has been designed in such a way that it is very easy to work on and implement. The support team is also super helpful and responsive in understanding our requirement. We think that Gireve has considerably reduced the complexity which gives us good reasons to feel very optimistic about their solution. We will continue to collaborate with Gireve on Plug&Charge and provide them our full support in this regard.

Txetxu Arzuaga, Technology & Systems Manager at IBIL

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