Gireve Is Part Of The Nemo Project To Develop E-Mobility

GIREVE is part of the NeMo project to develop e-mobility

NeMo is a major European project for e-mobility development. It gathers 19 partners from different sectors : universities and research institutes, car industry, roaming platforms, software editors, e-mobility service providers, energy suppliers, government authorities, European associations…

The project was launched in October, 2016 and it lasts 3 years. It aims at creating a “Hyper-Network” that would enable e-mobility related operators to meet, whether as consumers or IT services producers. Those interactions are based on access methods and standardised data models, leading to an interoperable and seamless European grid. E-mobility actors will be able to offer their clients useful new services.

The project also aims at enabling interconnection of e-roaming platforms such as GIREVE.

What’s more, the project covers the topic of smart charging, which means the optimisation of electric charging to ensure a balance between the user’s need for mobility and the electric grid constraints.

The final objective is to make e-mobility more attractive to EV drivers.

This project is led by the Greek research laboratory ICCS, and it is financially supported by the European Commission as part of the Horizon 2020 program, in the mobility field of subjects.

GIREVE is a partner and is involved in the project in two different ways. As a member of the consortium, GIREVE is in charge of part of the tasks and work packages related to the conception, specification and high level architecture animation. As a roaming platform, GIREVE also handles the development of platforms’ interconnections that enable connected operators to extend their coverage on a large part of Europe.

Find out more information about NeMo on the project’s website

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