Gireve, a Key Player in EV Charging, Raises Funds to Invest in New Services and Consolidate Global Leadership

Press Release – Gireve Raises Funds to Invest in New Services and Consolidate Global Leadership

New fundraising for e-mobility – Download the Press Release

Paris, June 3, 2024 – Under the terms of the agreement, the investor Partech, through its Impact Fund, will participate in the company’s capital, reinforced by new capital contributions from existing shareholders. The €20 million deal will further the platform’s expansion in Europe and internationally but also develop new services such as Plug & Charge and Clearing. It will also enable the company to develop its data and consulting solutions further.

Gireve, a key global player in electric vehicle charging and the decarbonization of transport

With a presence in 35 countries, Gireve is a crucial player in electric vehicle charging. As a key industry partner, Gireve connects mobility stakeholders with charging stations, making EV charging easy and seamless worldwide. With over 500,000 charging points connected to its platform, Gireve registers over 100 million charging sessions annually and is now a key player in the zero-carbon mobility ecosystem.

Quality, added value, and innovation are at the heart of the platform

Gireve’s platform already facilitates contracting, invoicing, and data exchange between different players in the sector. With this new round of financing, the company will increase the value it creates for its customers by accelerating the integration of new innovative services such as Clearing and Plug & Charge. It also provides the company with the means to finance its continued development in Europe and internationally.

Arnaud Minvielle and Rémi Said, General Partners of Partech Impact: “Partech Impact is delighted to enter into this partnership with Gireve. We were convinced by the platform’s central and essential position in developing electric vehicles in Europe, its capacity for technological innovation, its strong culture of customer service, and the commitment and quality of its teams. Gireve has what it takes to become a global leader in this new industry”.

Eric Plaquet, Chairman of Gireve: “We are very pleased to welcome Partech Impact as a shareholder in Gireve. The support of a leading investor aligns with our logic of global growth at this stage of our development. The strategic alignment is strong, and the values are shared. With this fundraising, we are financing our plan to improve our services continuously and offer an increasingly powerful and high-quality platform. We are also delighted with the renewed confidence of our long-standing shareholders, who support us in our drive for value and innovation. A big well done to the fantastic Gireve teams who make this adventure possible every day”.

Sophie Paturle, Managing Partner of Demeter: “With the FMET (Fonds de Modernisation Ecologique des Transports) managed by Demeter, we are proud to have contributed to the rise of Gireve, a key player in the interoperability of electric vehicle charging stations – a key element in the development of the EV market – and very happy to welcome Partech on board to accelerate the realization of Gireve’s enormous potential, led by Eric Plaquet and the remarkable team around him.”

Olivier Dubois, Head of Electric Mobility, EDF Group: “Reducing CO2 emissions is a priority objective for the EDF Group, which has made the development of electric mobility a key focus of its strategy. In this context, decarbonized electricity and the development of new electric applications are the solutions for greener transport in the future. Having worked with Gireve since 2013 to develop interoperability, we are convinced that Gireve is the key player in supporting the expansion of publicly accessible charging and the development of new services. Developing its business is key to further consolidating its position in the electric mobility ecosystem.”

Pierre de Firmas, Director of Electric Mobility at Enedis: “As a public utility and the first company with a mission in the energy sector, Enedis is fully committed to the development of electric mobility in France and access to charging everywhere and for everyone. From the outset, Enedis has supported Gireve, a key player in the European ecosystem. We are pleased to renew our support today by participating in this capital increase, which will provide the company with the means to finance a new phase in its development”.

Gautier Chatelus, Deputy Director of Infrastructure and Mobility at Banque des Territoires: “The deployment of charging stations in France is a priority for Banque des Territoires. Gireve has long been a key partner for both public and private players in the development of electric mobility. By participating in this latest round of financing, we are very pleased to be able to continue our historical support of the company in its core business as well as in the innovations it is developing (Plug & Charge and Smart Charging in particular), in a dynamic that will benefit the entire ecosystem.”

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