Gireve Facilitates B2B Invoicing Of Ev Charging In Roaming Situations

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By launching its new service range BOOST! Clearing, GIREVE aims at simplifying financial exchanges between charging service operators in roaming. The roaming platform now enables automatic control and monetary billing of charging sessions of electric vehicle drivers, a first step to simple, transparent and efficient invoicing and payment.

« Since 2015, we’ve been impatiently waiting for this service. » Lionel Chauvet, Deputy Director of the Territoire d’Energie Eure-et-Loir

A service dedicated to e-mobility operators

With the launch of its new service BOOST! Clearing, GIREVE aims at answering client demand, helping them improve their service quality and productivity to the benefit of electric vehicle drivers.

More specifically, GIREVE first delivers a service to automate quality check of data exchanged between operators. It enables real-time billing of charging sessions based on roaming contracts they signed via GIREVE’s Connect Place. Given the wide range of
pricing used in Europe, this service really helps billing and invoicing processes.

 “In addition to facilitating contract-making and real-time data transfer between e-mobility and charging operators, GIREVE is now getting involved in B2B invoicing. We follow our objective, to facilitate the creation of an innovative service market by offering B2B services that will simplify business processes, which are barriers to entry for e-mobility operators.” Bruno Lebrun, CEO of GIREVE

Pilot project with MobilyGreen and the SDE28

A first pilot project in partnership with Mobilygreen and the SDE28 helped refine the service and prove its relevance.

To Eric Colmar, Development Director at Mobilygreen,
“This service helps avoid at early stage inevitable CDR mistakes, to improve service quality for the end user.”

To Lionel Chauvet, Deputy Director of the Territoire d’Energie Eure-et-Loir, “In addition to securing the process, GIREVE’s support in billing European operators gives a guarantee on all the flows, while reducing the time it takes us. Since 2015, we’ve been impatiently waiting for this service.”

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