Gireve Enables Charging Point Booking In Its Roaming Platform

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Booking a charging point in roaming is now possible. In 2019 GIREVE officially launches a booking service on its platform. This will enable its clients, both charging point and e-mobility operators, to manage charging point booking, to the benefit of EV drivers.

GIREVE now enables charging services intermediation between a charging point operator and an e-mobility operator. This way, EV drivers can charge on any charging network even if they subscribed to only one e-mobility operator. This service is operated in 8 countries in Europe and on more than 35 000 charging points.

It is now enhanced by the possibility to book a charging point.

Thanks to this new feature, an e-mobility operator can now provide its EV drivers with the ability to book the charging point they want on charging networks that offer this service.

Subscribers can choose the duration of their booking and once accepted, they benefit from a guaranteed access to the charging point.

To Bruno Lebrun, GIREVE’s CEO, this new service is a first step to going further: “We are already working on other features to enable the user to see all charging points answering their need and select the one they want with a “tap” on their smartphones. Their needs could be to find “a charging point compatible with my vehicle” or “a charging point that will charge my vehicle fast enough for me to reach my destination” Easy, useful features, same as those we know and we use when booking a hotel or a plane ticket.”

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