Gireve Consolidates Its Position In The UK With Franklin Energy

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Leading electric vehicle charging technology company, Franklin Energy, joined GIREVE’s roaming platform to open its network to roaming.

Franklin Energy is operating the network of charging points named LiFe. Currently focused in the North of the UK, it is going to expand across the country and into Ireland within the 12 months, reaching 100 charging points by the end of 2019. Access to the LiFe network is made via smartphone app or RFID card.

“With Franklin Energy, we are consolidating our presence in the UK, where we are not as successful as in the rest of EU so far. We are happy to have an opportunity to show how relevant roaming can be for British operators and EV drivers” Bruno Lebrun, CEO of GIREVE

Franklin Energy got connected to GIREVE to make its charging points available on the roaming platform. All public charging points of the network will now be accessible and open to roaming for new users with different e-mobility solutions.

“The UK is behind the Nordic markets when it comes to inter roaming, and we want to be seen as a leader in interoperability. We have partnered with GIREVE due to their excellent roaming service, close relationship with tier one EV manufactures and ease of integration to our network. GIREVE will open up our LiFe network to thousands of new EV drivers across Europe, making the customer journey and charging experience seamless for the end user.” Robert Byrne, Founder and Managing Director, Franklin Energy

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